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Re: LA Looping Fest

Wow, things moving quickly...

OK, here are my thoughts for right now:

-- In my opinion, the main reason to try and scramble to organize it
in the very near future is to accommodate Steve Lawson's schedule for
his being in town.  The locals can always get something happening on
our own, on our own time...

-- I think a semi-private/semi-public thing would be cool.  In other
words, spread the word to personal acquaintances we know would be into
it, but don't try to go all out announcing the thing to the public at
large, especially if the lodgings are somewhat spartan.  I'm sure word
of mouth could fill a 30-person space easily.

-- A weeknight is a possibility as well... I could take some time out
during the day to help set things up logistically at the space, so
that a healthy chunk of evening time (say, 6:30 - 10:30 or so) could
be used strictly for performing, as opposed to set-up time.

-- Sunday the 24th is out for me, at least from 7:30 PM on -- gotta
teach a geetar lesson that evening (I durn forgot).  Could do it
earlier I suppose...  Again, I can definitely sit this one out if need be.

-- Depending on how an initial thing goes, this might be a good
precursor to trying to do something more serious, in a more public
environment (like the AlterKnit lounge at the Knitting Factory).  The
"pre-release" version, if you will...

I think we'd best wait for Mr. Lawson to chime in at this point...? 
Any other would-be exhibitionists?