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Re: buying a headrush online?

David Lee Myers writes:

>I must like the DL4 better than the Headrush, since I've owned both but
>currently only have the DL4.  It will certainly do more stuff.  But you
>should be aware that, unlike the Headrush, there is no control whatsoever
>over delay feedback!  This is a pretty serious disadvantage if you're
>interested in gradually evolving/fading loop layers.  My second complaint 
>applicable to both these units: mono!

Well, the DL4 is only mono when it's looping...  it does take stereo
inputs though I get the feeling that they are summed to mono
for the actual effects calculation.

And it generates some very very stereo output,  the ping pong with
regen has enough stereo to melt your ears.

I have both units and I use the Headrush JUST as a looper and the
DL4 RARELY as a looper.  The DL4 is a fine looper, probably better
than the Headrush, but I like to do those spacey swirly effects
and the DL4 gets co-opted for that (and thus cannot sit on the
floor but has to be on a stand so's I can tweak the knobs).

The Headrush is small, it's simple, and it's pretty tolerant
of wide ranges of input levels (the DL4 is pretty picky that way,
its optimal operating range is quite narrow...)

And it's a little cheaper.

But get the DL4, it's a better unit and you'll never regret it.


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