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Re: buying a headrush online?

In loop mode neither unit has control over feedback since they are not
acting as delays then. Using the DL-4 in delay mode gives you control over
feedback and using the Headrush in loop mode gives you no control at all
beyond stop/start and o/d.
The only way I'd use my Headrush is on, line with the DL-4 so I could loop
some of the delay stuff that the DL-4 does. As a standalone, simple loop
device it's an ok unit but if you pay the extra for a DL-4 you will know
where that extra money went. It's a far more flexible unit and the
backwards/1/2 speed and reverse/autoswell features are the money on their

Martin Shellard 

> From: David Myers <dmgraph@earthlink.net>

> But you
> should be aware that, unlike the Headrush, there is no control whatsoever
> over delay feedback!
> David Lee Myers
> http://www.pulsewidth.com