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Re: L.A. LoopFest and some inconherent ramblings............

  I  agree with Rick, if I can get some notice for the next one, I'll even
consider flying out, as I'm looking at CA and LA in particular, as a
possible move, so not only would it be a total blast and a  half, a little
vaca, but also a little info gathering excursion.  Jeezz that was a
looooong sentence!  lol!  Anyway, you get the jist!  Oh, btw, I have purple
line cables!  lol!, and Rick, I also like alot of colors.   -and their
contrasts with BLACK.   Anyway, have a great day, All...   


The Damsel Deity

At 08:36 AM 6/20/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Max Valentino wrote:
>"But, when the 2nd LA LoopFest comes around please count me in!!!"
>I, too, would like to throw my hat in for
>the 2nd Los Angeles LoopFest* :  any chance to join you guys down south 
>any chance to get to see my good buddy, Max!!!
>I wanted to commend all of you So Cal loopers for how quickly this has all
>come together and with such communal spirit.
>Here are a couple of quick thoughts of things that I've stumbled on
>producing similar events.  They are gratuitously proferred and
>should be accordingly ignored if they don't fit:
>I have discovered that if everybody sets up their gear at the start of the
>show the time between sets can be nullified which makes it a much more
>effective listening experience.
>Limiting the performances to more festival oriented sets (between 15 
>and 30 minutes) with a 'headliner' act at the end playing a long set seems
>to add to the flow of the show and keeps things moving, stylistically.
>Also, for what it's worth, we've set up a merchandise table and gotten the
>artists who are not playing to
>man (or rather, to person) the table while not playing in a rotating 
>(It may seem silly but remember to bring $50 in $5 dollar bills and get 
>artists to charge in $5 increments ($10,$15,$20, whatever).
> More CDs get sold because there is someone to talk to or get autographs
>Add an official M.C. to the proceedings with a little cued up Loop music
>from auslanders (people who couldn't make the gig but want to participate
>and remind them to mark which
>cut(s) they want played on the outside of the CD so that it is a no 
>and you have a pretty professional festival oriented listening experience.
>Dead time (space with nothing happening sonically) is one of the great
>killers of vibe at concerts so the more the 'show' flows, the better the
>listening experience for the audience.  I say all of this because we want
>this thing to grow as a phenomena.
>I'm just pulling things off of the top of my head after a night with
>insomnia so please
>forgive the wierd order:
>Oh, yeah.  Remind all the artists to have
>two really long line cables that can patch into the main board (if there 
>one). With a lot of solo acts on stage there is always a good chance that
>you might end up further away from the mixing board (I always set it up on
>stage for ease of access because I tend to be the M.C., the mixing 
>and a performer and , in the last Festival of Voice + Electronics, I had 
>run all the way to the back of the Rio Theatre-which is a long ways-to
>change the lighting on stage for the modern dance troupe that was on stage
>at the time and then run back and continue MCing out of breath just 
>there was nobody else to do it---free shows are frequently like this.
>The controversial Musicians Friends catalogue sells these obnoxious dayglo
>line cables in long lengths.  They are very good to own when there is a
>tremendous amount of spaghetti on stage (all the other black cables from 
>the loopers).  Because I play a lot of instruments I use several colors
>(also, I'm a
>dayglo fetishist but that is topic for a different e-mail chain ;-) so it 
>really easy to see my routing in low light situations.
>I've rambled enough.  I'm jealous that I can't be there is all.   good 
>* or you could call it "2001:  A Loop Odyssey"---ouch that's corny, but I
>swear that I'll use it before the year's up)


  "The only things I really think are important, are love, and eachother.
-Then, anything is possible..."