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Re: L.A. LoopFest and some inconherent ramblings............

Ditto kids.

If I had a job, and enough money to fly out there, I'd make it too.  As it
is though there's so little IT work over here, it's a stretch just to send
CDs to people in the hopes of attaining either representation or placement
in film/video/tv/games...

However, when comes the time that I can get back to LA - there's a lot of
stuff in storage that I have to both liquidate and move to a smaller space,
and a ton of friends I miss dearly - I'd like to schlep my equipment over
with me, and do a show or two!  Alas, my cables are black.

But I can promise to do some poster stuff for yez if I have enough notice,
and it's to be a real event involving any promotion.  Just let me know,
folks.  Examples?  Try these:


All of which were done in less than 24 hours, folks.  Really. :)

Stephen Goodman
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