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CompactFlash (was: Re: Where's The Repeater?)

Mountain Man (02:23 PM 08.22.2001) wrote:

 >That does seem like a good price.  I'd like to get the "jumbo size",
 >however.  Has anyone seem good prices on larger cards?

I think that the largest CF's out today are 256meg, I know that's the 
largest we've seen for work. They look pretty pricey... the 256meg CF from 
Simple is $246 at buy.com.

There's a Memorex for $185, I dunno how that rates in speed though.

 >BTW, the link isn't working for me anymore.  Can you tell me how you
 >found this, Mark?  Searching on the brand name got no hits, and
 >searching on "compact flash" found nothing larger than 64MB.


I had originally found it searching for "flash simple"... Lemme look...

Ahh... here it is:


Interesting... There's a new key in the URL argument list. Looks like they 
cut over to a new indexing scheme on the fly. :)