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Re: CompactFlash (was: Re: Where's The Repeater?)

Mark Pulver (02:32 PM 08.22.2001) wrote:

 >Mountain Man (02:23 PM 08.22.2001) wrote:
 > >That does seem like a good price.  I'd like to get the "jumbo size",
 > >however.  Has anyone seem good prices on larger cards?
 >I think that the largest CF's out today are 256meg, I know that's
 >the largest we've seen for work. They look pretty pricey... the
 >256meg CF from Simple is $246 at buy.com.
 >There's a Memorex for $185, I dunno how that rates in speed though.

I found a cheaper one... Viking, $144 after rebate:


Buy before 8/31 to get the rebate.

BUT! Going to Viking's site (http://config.vikingcomponents.com) and using 
the "configurator" gives me a page not found when I try to get detailed 
specs (like real (i.e. sustained) throughput rates) on the CF256M (or the 

The Simple, which Electrix says is fast enough for recording in stereo, is 
rated at 500KB/s.

And... it does look like the 512's are starting to come out... but they're 
gonna be REAL pricey. Repeater is designed to handle up to 512MB of 
external storage.