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speaking of equipment

the new "guitar player" mag had a review of the line 6 filter modeler, they
seemed to really like it.....there was also a blurb and picture of a guitar
with a kaoss pad built into it, how crazy is that?.....it will never
end.....also, a lot of folk on the list seemed to bash "guitar center"
stores, i went to my first one yesterday (new to pittsburgh) and was quite
pleased, got to play with the DL4 in fact it was connected in series with all
the line 6 modelers, great fun, also got to fool with the KARMA keyboard and
a bunch of other wacky stuff (messed with a HANDSONIC for a long time, i
liked it) in all, a fun hour or so.....the sales help was lacking in
knowledge i must admit but their inventory was pretty good for what they
called a C- store, they seem to have a growth potential in that they can
become an A store and have all the goodies, an odd concept,"the more we sell
the better we will become", why not start out the best you can be, i dont
understand this.....but enuf of this, lets read more "repeater" posts.....:)m