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Re: speaking of equipment OTOTOTOT

At 05:53 PM 8/22/01 EDT, you wrote:
>the new "guitar player" mag had a review of the line 6 filter modeler, 
>seemed to really like it.....there was also a blurb and picture of a 
>with a kaoss pad built into it, how crazy is that?.....it will never  

I never thought I'd be saying this, but I got ahold of one of the cheapo
miniature series Danelectro pedals today (the ones named after food) and I
actually like it a lot! It's the 'Rocky Road' Leslie simulator; two knobs
(speed & gain), a toggle (slow/fast) and two footswitches (ramp up/down &
bypass). The ramp switch actually makes it usable, and it sounds pretty
good. It sort of resembles a small brown owl.

There are a few cons, though: the biggest one is that even with the gain
all the way down, it still boosts the signal. That's fine for a Jon
Lord/Badfinger thing while the pedal is on, but then when you switch it off
the signal drops way too much. It generates a strange little noise when
it's on but you're not playing; I can live with that, though, besides, real
Leslies do that too... My other gripe is that because it's so small and has
two footswitches, they're really close together, and the whole pedal sits
lower than, say, a Boss box, so it can be a bit of a tapdance on a crowded
pedalboard. I may have to get some pointy toed cowboy boots...

I don't know if it's got any trimpots inside, but I'd really like to fix
that gain imbalance thing. Does anyone have a suggestion for an easy mod
like an added resistor or something?