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Repeater Memory

I'm amazed that someone would consider buying flash memory that is not
recommended due to buggy performance.  With all of the problems Electrix 
dealt with, I'm going to listen to their advice.  They have already tested
several brands of compact flash and the techies at Electrix all agree that
Simple Technologies is the way to go (Actually, Simple Technologies has the
fastest cards on the market, period.)  You can get a 128MB card for $89 at
PCSTOP.COM 877-3PC-STOP or EMS computing 800-939-3948 (I got this info from

Regarding the compact flash limitations and features on the Repeater:

999 total loops can fit on any single flash card, regardless of the size of
the card.

No single loop can be longer than 8 minutes, regardless of the size of the
card; and if multiple tracks are being used within the loop, the loop limit
might drop as low as 6.5 minutes (this is from a lengthy phone call with
Electrix).  There seemed to be some ambiguity regarding the amount of space
required when some or all of the internal tracks are used in a loop (the
literal limit seems to vary depending on how many tracks are actually 
But the diminished loop time limit is still relatively minor drawback IMO.

10 MB of compact flash memory = 1 minute of stereo sampling
5 MB of compact flash memory = 1 minute of mono sampling

The repeater comes with a 16 MB card that is capable of handling
approximately a minute and a half (plus) of stereo sampling or over three
minutes of mono sampling.  There is also 8 MB of internal memory that acts
like RAM and provides a buffer to help handle the real time load.  Anything
stored in the 8MB of internal memory will be lost when the unit is powered

So, a 128 MB flash card can hold almost 13 minutes of stereo sampling and
over 25 minutes of mono sampling.  Again, these cards are $89.  That seems
like a pretty good deal for almost a half hour of sampling time.  No?  What
do 25 minute sampling upgrades cost on other looping devices?

Anyway, some of this stuff was not clearly spelled out in the manual so I
hope someone benefits from this regurgitated reply.  But the important 
to keep in mind is that apparently not all compact flash cards are made
alike.  I am going to listen to the people who know better and get Simple
Technologies memory.  If having two individual cards is not a problem then
256MB of ST memory is only $180 (89x2) (remember that's almost an HOUR of
sampling time).  Also keep in mind that if smaller loops are all you plan 
using, you can get 3-packs of 16MB cards for about $25.  So for $25 I could
carry over FIFTY ten second loops in my pocket. I'm already envisioning a
small library of loop cards and a stylie carry case to tote my sonic
textures! ;)  Well, maybe not quite.  But I AM gonna get a 128MB card and
get down to business!