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Line6 Echo Pro heads-up AKA you think you have sync issues now hahahahahahahaha

i've got to hand it to electrix for actually talking to it's customers and
responding to their issues. and for the promise of OS updates.
i just got off the phone with Line6 (an act which itself took weeks of 
and then finding a PR rep number buried in a press release) where i was 
in no uncertain terms that the Echo Pro a) will not have stereo looping b) 
not need stereo looping c) has NO sync provision for looping d) needs no 
provision for looping (or any way to accurately define loop points) 
because it's
"just for fun".

what an asshole. i mean, i'll admit that i couldn't stop laughing when he 
sync was not possible but ... it's the year 2001 for god don don.

here's the skinny:
- MIDI sync only available on non-loop-sampler programs
- no sync on loop sampler (i'm assuming you could send CC messages with a
sequencer, but i think that's just too much silliness)
- no "dialing in" of delay time in looper mode
- All delays stereo EXCEPT loop sampler
- non-loop-sampler delays are a maximum of 2.5 seconds
- looper functionality not better because it's "just for fun"
- he also said they were not interested in this market (even though it says
60-SECOND LOOP SAMPLER on the front panel)

anyway, i'm off to go order a repeater now. i suggest more do the same so 
"wish lists" of yours have a possibility of being implemented.

no i don't remember this rep's name ... i'm sorry.

Eric Williamson