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Re: The Big Bump issue.

Because the Repeater had non volatile memory, you could record your silent 
before you even start performing.  Days or months before.  I know this 
takes away
from the spontaneity of the loop, but until (or if?) they get the ability 
to end a
loop and put you directly into overdub, this is the way it will have to 
happen if
you're using a Repeater.

Mark Sottilaro

Matthias Grob wrote:

> >I'm not sure why you don't just record a blank loop first, at your 
> >tempo/length and then, open it back up and start playing.  I do it with 
> >pad-like volume swells all the time, and it works fine.  No bump.  This 
>is the
> >only way you could do it on the JamMan as well.  The EDP will finish
> >a loop and
> >keep you in record, I understand, but I'm not sure if anything else 
> - because you may be playing before you set up the blank loop, so you
> would either have a separate input control or stop playing while you
> set it up.
> - even in a washy loop, there may be an acurate tempo, so I much
> prefer to tap this for what I actually play instead of having to keep
> the "silent timing".
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