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Re: Importing & Exporting Repeater WAVs

Why stop there?  How the hell does any of this crap do what it does?  It's
all magic to me.  I have vauge ideas of code and transistors, and I can
write a tiny bit of C++, but when I think of what loopers like the EDP and
Repeater are doing, it blows my mind.

What I understand to happen from the manual, is that when you cue up a new
loop, a tiny bit of audio gets recorded (there's a half second wait for a
new loop) the Repeater then inserts your audio in the middle of that
silence, so you've got some blank on both ends.  The blank is so you can 
a little silence on either end, if you need to using the trim function,
which I'm assuming can give negitive trim.  Which also is a term that can
describe large portions of my love life.

Mark Sottilaro

Tim Goodwin wrote:

> Can you please explain what you mean here?  Do you mean that once I press
> record, a small amount of audio data is *added* to the beginning of the
> .WAV?  How could it be recording before I press record?  :o
> --
> Tim
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