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Re: Repeater's bump-Bang !

I don't know if it's "absolutely impossible to improvise...", it's just
that it doesn't work as well.

With all due respect to JamMan users, this reminds me of writers who in
years past had never used a word processor, and proclaimed as long as they
had a typewriter they saw no need to do so. Needless to say, as soon as
they did try a word processor, they were sold. Why? Simply because it was a
better way of doing things. The same holds true for the EDP style of
interactively setting loop point and seamlessly overdubbing, it's a lot
better way in many regards.

Which is not to say that 4 tracks, pitch shifting, time stretching,
resampling, storage of loops and loop parameters isn't pretty damn cool,
'cause it ceratinly is...



>I take offense to the "absolutely impossible to improvise with such a
>limitation"  Basically what you are saying is that I've never (or any
>JamMan user) improvised without being able to go immediatly into
>overdub.  That's rediculous.  Maybe you weaklings aren't able to, but
>the strong among us seem to handle this limitation fairly well.  I guess
>when your looper doesn't have an "undo" function for little babies, you
>have to grow up tough.  When I was your age, I had to duct tape an
>analog delay pedal to my guitar and walk uphill to the battle of the
>bands in the snow!  Damn kids!  GET OFF MY LAWN!
>Mark Sottilaro