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Time Signatures & Polyrhythms

One VERY cool thing about the Repeater is the ability to change time
signatures to explore various polyrhythms.  You can play a simple rhythmic
phrase and then dial up a new beat reference which automatically changes 
time signature and bpm to match the original phrase.  The repeating loop
doesn't sound any different, but you can see how it would fit into various
time signatures. [what other loopers do this?]

One cool thing to do is to play a simple 4/4 beat and then dial in 5, 6, 7,
9, 11, 13 or whatever as a new beat reference and then play the new rhythm
that matches the count in the changing display.  Actually, I follow the new
count for a bit until I can feel the groove and then I play it.  Some of
these can be very challenging and exciting.  These alternate time 
are cross rhythms that begin to create very unique composite patterns that
compliment the main beat.

Even more cool... you can record these unique beats on different tracks and
then slip them to create even more unique patterns.  Basically, with some
practice, this device allows you to instantly dial up almost any rhythmic
permutation.  VERY flexible.

Granted, my experience with looping was very limited before using this
device, but I have been blown away by how much I have learned in just a
week.  Or more accurately, it's obvious that I'm going to learn a LOT more.
Instant composing, arranging and mixing... learning about harmonic 
and polyrhythm.

This looping stuff is my future.  Wow.