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RE: Repeater's bump-Bang !

Hey Damon:

Got my Repeater on Tuesday, so haven't had much
brainpower to try it out much, but it does sound
awesome with what little i've done with it!

Good work!

Just to clarify:

>--- Original Message ---
>From: "Damon Langlois (Electrix)" <Damon@Electrixpro.com>

>Hey Mark,
>Thanks for the positive side. As for the next OS (1.2 not 2.0)
we have
>squashed and are squashing the MIDI sync bugs. "dry mute" is
in. Ending
>record with overdub will have to wait untill another release.

When you say "dry mute is in"...does that feature
kill the sound of the input *while recording* (as
i hope it does) ?  Or will it function more like 
the FX instert button does now when nothing's
plugged into it (the work around you suggested
earlier)?  That work around kills the input altogether,
yes?  Basically like turning the input level down

I'd like to be able to carry out *all* looping 
functions without ever having to hear the dry
sound come out of the repeater, since i'm working
with a mixer.  I guess like a wet/dry mix, but
without variable amounts.  Dry there vs. only "wet".

Is this what v1.2 will offer?

peter koniuto