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Re: RC-20 Post Query

Hi Gary,
    When I first noticed the RC-20 the thing that got me was the over 5 
loop time.  I thought wow I can play an entire piece and then solo over 
it....  I am fairly new to using and syncing midi devices but I've been 
looping since the late 70's but only with tape devices and in the studio.  
Now I would like to perform some solo and duet pieces I've written using 
looping for 70 to 90% of the performance.  I've been able to play in my 
studio for hours but feel the pieces may be too long for the public (I 
to indulge in some of the sounds...).  I hope to refine my act this winter 
while completing the construction of the rest of the studio but it all 
    I like the RC-20 for several reasons. 1. The loop length. 2. Multiple 
inputs allow CD,Mic and Inst. 3. I have two cheap Roland on/off pedals 
mounted to a thin wood plank which allow reverse and next loop location.  
am able to record a guitar line, reverse it, add another guitar line so I 
now have a guitar line going both ways. 4. The size of the unit is 
relatively small compared to the Echoplex pedal or the Boomerang.  5.  It 
stores 10 loops and 1 one-shot loop.
    I must admit I have not tried the Boomerang but was intrigued by the 
  I use too many pedals so floor space and loop length won out, but who 
knows what the future may bring.  I like the idea of a repeater in the 
but I would have to free up some floor space before i got the rang.
    I tried to replace my Mesa Boogie with a Line 6 pod pro but was 
dissatisfied with the live sound when playing with a full band so I sold 
and bought the Echoplex.  I wanted to get back to my experimental roots.  
originally got turned onto Crimson in 1974 by a classical guitar player 
which led me to Frippertronics.  The two of us and a jazz piano player 
started a band called "The Velvet Brothers" using tape loops later adding 
drum machine but that is another wild, weird story.  Anyway, I have been 
wondering how the other guitarists on this list setup their guitar rig.  I 
use a Fender USA Midi Stratocater with the full band.  I put a fishman 
acoustic bridge in it to further add dimension to the guitar.  For the 
act I tried using the SGX 2000 Express with the X-15 pedal that I have in 
the rack but I can never stray far from the Mesa. The SGX is not as warm 
punchy as the mesa and not that far from the Line 6 sound when used live.  
was using a Mackie 1202 to combine all my sounds before sending it to the 
PA, using both the RC and Plex in the effects loop but it seemed to get 
noisy sometimes so I pulled out the Mackie and plugged directly into the 
head instead (it's a 93 Carvin 400 watt 8 channel Stereo head with 
and monitors).  I now use the Plex on the PA head and the RC on the Carvin 
Ac. Guitar amp.  I've just re-engineered it and the noise seems reduced 
I still have to much equipment to carry.  I want to eliminate the Mesa for 
an inline guitar processor.  I like the Digitech G2 but the price for the 
unit with pedal is high for me right now, maybe after the studio walls and 
wiring are completed.  What do others use????

Thanks & Peace to all,

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Hey There--
I have also pondered adding an additional looper to the Echoplex, and
wondered why Weg (and anyone else who cares to reply) would prefer the 
to the Boomerang--
Wish the 'Rang was MIDI (not that the RC-20 is)

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