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Re: Cables

>Another question;
>When wiring your rack, do you try to keep all the power
>cables from the rack units all on one side of the rack?
>Any other wiring bug-a-boos to watch out for?

That'd be a lot easier if manufacturers would all standardize where they 
the audio and power connectors...

When putting together rack gear, it seems that the quickest thing to do is
load everything so that the you've got a piece of gear with a power supply
on the right just above something with the audio on the right, and so on
(i.e. exactly the thing that all experts tell you to avoid for best audio
results).  When you turn your rack around around and look at the front,
you'll find everything's in the most convenient spot.

Seriously though, I put everything where's it's most convenient, and route
things as best I can.  Then turn everything on--you may not have any buzz 
hum problems (using those plastic washers on all the mounting screws may
also help).  If there is a buzz, I try to move as few things as possible
from the optimum user interface position I've established.