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Interactive FX Controller

Title: Interactive FX Controller

 mm productions Interactive fx Controller
    8-way switch to MIDI converter     

The Interactive Controller takes switch (or relay) closures/openings and converts these into MIDI events. MIDI events may be assigned to both opening and closing of
switches, and the switches may be set in software to be opening/closing type or

Audio Switching
The 'switches' may also be audio. We supply a tone generator (approx 1.5 x 1.5cm
square) which can be powered by battery or from a radio mic pack which produces a
specific telephone tone. If supplied to pin 5 of inputs 1 & 2, the start of the tone acts
as the switch on, and the end of the tone acts as the switch off. This means that the
switch on and off can be sent by a radio mic system - for example, the radio mic
transmitter can be built into a gun, the trigger of which turns the tone generator on
and off, and thus the gunshot sound can be triggered at will.

The unit operates by using Data Streams that the user has created and these are
assigned to switch actions in performance memories. Each data stream can be up to
64 bytes long (a MIDI Note On uses 3 bytes of data), and can be any form of data
including Sys Ex.

Performance Memories
Each performance memory has the data for all 8 switches. There are 64 performance
memories in total.

MIDI Output
There are 2 MIDI outputs, and data can be assigned to either, both or none.

Suggested Uses
The unit has been used to fire sound effects such as the gun mentioned above, or for
door opening/ closing effects. Pressure pads can also trigger it, as can IR movement
sensors. In all these applications, the unit has triggered the sounds stored on a
sampler. Using sysex messages, we have also used it to set up, load and configure
samplers in situations where one button operation is needed, such as theme parks.

Richard Zvonar, PhD      
(818) 788-2202