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Re: Cables

At 05:53 PM 1/24/2002, Travis Hartnett wrote:
> >Another question;
> >When wiring your rack, do you try to keep all the power
> >cables from the rack units all on one side of the rack?
> >Any other wiring bug-a-boos to watch out for?
>That'd be a lot easier if manufacturers would all standardize where they 
>the audio and power connectors...

another thing to be careful of are devices using wall warts or line-lumps 
instead of internal power supplies. Of course you need to be sure to 
them well somewhere in the rack so that they don't go flopping all over 
place when you move it, because they break easily. But also realize that 
wall warts are typically cheaply made and not shielded well, and certainly 
not designed with a professional audio environment in mind. They radiate a 
lot of power supply hum into the area around them, so you should be 
to keep them as far away from audio cables as possible.

It continues to baffle me why some manufacturers use these things in 
pricey gear. there's just no excuse for that, imo.


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