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Re: EDP or REPEATER? Prices

At 11:06 PM 1/25/2002, Mark Hamburg wrote:
>on 1/25/02 8:49 AM, William Mcallister at BILLYBUDDHA@webtv.net wrote:
> > I went to alto music (845-692-6922) EDP $649.99, Repeater $499.99.
> > Regards'Bill
>Matthias and Kim should perhaps take it as a compliment that with that 
>differential and with the longer feature list of the Repeater that there 
>those among us who waver back and forth about which to get.

if "length of feature list" is important, the EDP in fact has far more 
features and loop functions than the Repeater. Our incomplete manual is 
more than twice as long as their incomplete manual. :-)

If you have to choose one or the other, make the choice based on what you 
do with looping, because other than the very highest level of functions 
two are very different from each other and apply to different approaches 
loops. Choose the one that matches what you want to do with looping.

In a nutshell, I would say that the EDP is better for a live, interactive, 
improvisational style of looping where you are otherwise involved in 
playing another instrument. I think the Repeater is better for a more 
studio based approach where you use real-time looping as a compositional 
and recording tool. Neither does the other very well, which is why so many 
people are getting both.

As for price, also include the other things you will likely buy to make a 
complete unit. Probably that means the EDP footpedal for the EDP, and for 
the Repeater a midi controller footpedal, additional compact flash card, 
and compact flash card reader. I think you end up spending around the same 
amount either way, once you add those items in.


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