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Crusher X and Tuareg...........tres cool programs

Rainer Straschill wrote:

> I just ran across this granular synthesis software synth called Crusher X
> Jörg Stelkens which I'd like to recommend to anyone interested in strange
> noise. This thing is available as a stand-alone program or as a VST
> plugin... www.stelkens.de

Thanks, Rainer.........I love this program and have been using it for

One thing that I have been doing is creating real time noises in this
program and then importing them into TUAREG. a fantastic shareware program
for the reasonable price of  $35/US..........are you hip to this program?
     I love it.  The incredibly innovative BRAM BOS from Amsterdam wrote it
and it takes any .wav files and chops them, randomaly into 16 even parts
which you can then filter, pan, distort, etc. and then use in a mixer with
other similarly processed loops.
It has a randomizing feature which is great for creating new 'bubble'
rhythmic sounds.

I love it because I can take crusher X files or convoluted files or ambient
files and can turn any of them into really interesting yet idiosyncratic

It is great for creating those:  "this is cool, how the hell did you make
it" kinds of grooves.   Check it out.

yours, Rick Walker