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At 02:12 PM 1/24/2002, William R. Walker, wrote:
>5. You would rather support an innovative, small company like Electrix, or
>a much larger corporate entity like Gibson ( who makes the EDP,correct me
>if I'm wrong)

you are wrong.

At 08:05 PM 1/24/2002, William R. Walker, wrote:
>  I knew I'd catch hell for my Gibson comments. I did not mean to diss
>Mathias, Kim, Eric or any of the people directly responsible for the EDP.

Then why did you say it? Your comments are quite inaccurate and are 
directly causing harm to us, and damaging our ability to make a living 
what we do. Aurisis Research is a very small operation, and we've been 
struggling to make the best looping products we can for more than 10 
with practically no resources. You are not helping.

>My beef is with Gibson the corporate entity, and their history with other
>small companies they have dealt with in the past like Opcode, which
>directly impacted friends of mine, as in loss of job.

I don't see what that has to do with us.

In terms of looping, Gibson has continued to support the EDP project since 
1993. That is longer than any other company has supported a dedicated 
looping product *EVER*. There are all sorts of reasons why they could have 
dumped it long ago, but they believed in the idea and were willing to have 
the patience and willing to devote the resources to see it live. So are 
they good or evil?

>I also think that
>Gibson has priced their guitars out of the range of working professionals
>which I find frustrating and sad.

they sell them for that price because plenty of people are willing to pay 
that price. that's what we call "capitalism" outside of santa cruz. :-)

>  I think the EDP is a wonderfull tool which I may ultimately buy, but I
>still see Electrix as the David to Gibson's Goliath, and I know they have
>been struggling and I want to support them in attaining some longevity.

Sorry, but that is NOT how it is. Aurisis Research completely owns the 
echoplex technology. We devoted a huge part of our life and savings and 
creative energies to creating it.

We license to Gibson because we don't have the resources ourselves to pay 
for manufacturing and sales activities and customer support and so many 
other things that Gibson has the resources and infrastructure to do. That 
leaves us free to focus on the engineering and development of dedicated 
looping devices, which is what we do know how to do. We do have to be 
constantly involved in the EDP activities at Gibson because without that 
would have stopped a long time ago. That is ok though, because that is our 
role in this partnership. We do whatever we can to keep the EDP as a 
product for them, and therefore they keep making it, which results in us 
continuing to eke out a little bit of earnings from it all to pay for the 
next development. This relationship has worked reasonably well since 1993.

 From my point of view, Electrix is a much bigger operation than Aurisis 
Research. They actually have full time employees!! Everybody involved with 
Aurisis has to take other jobs to pay for our living expenses, just so we 
can keep things going. It is only recently that Matthias has been able to 
focus on it full time, but that has not always been the case. We are 
constantly struggling to find time around work schedules and families and 
the rest of our lives to do this, and it's been a lot of sacrifice to make 
it happen. Comments like yours really do hurt, both motivationally and 

I don't mean to take anything from Electrix though. I like those guys and 
wish them the best of luck and success. But you're completely wrong to 
think you are dealing with "David vs Goliath" here. It's two Davids. The 
only Goliath in the picture is the level of interest in the market and 
whether enough people will continue buying either one of these loop boxes 
to keep either shoe-string operation afloat. I would say that is the real 
big question mark right now in both directions. So if your purchasing 
decisions are motivated by philanthropic notions of helping the little 
max that credit card and buy some of each! Before too long, you might 
regret it if you didn't....


Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
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