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Re: EDP or REPEATER? Prices/Re: Can I be loopy too?/RE: Am I good enough for my looper?

snipzz~ cross topic possibilities are endless
-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Hamburg <mark_hamburg@baymoon.com>
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Date: Saturday, January 26, 2002 1:39 AM
Subject: Re: EDP or REPEATER? Prices
>on 1/25/02 8:49 AM, William Mcallister at BILLYBUDDHA@webtv.net wrote:
>> I went to alto music (845-692-6922) EDP $649.99, Repeater $499.99.>>
>Matthias and Kim should perhaps take it as a compliment that with that
price>differential and with the longer feature list of the Repeater that
there are>those among us who waver back and forth about which to get.
Mark -
nope, not here. I went for the EDP after seeing my g/f (grace period. a
female vocalist who loops) use same since 1994/5. After sacking her EDP in
early 98, I found I needed one myself and in mid 98 acquired same ~$900+ on
Ebay, worth every friggin' penny. because yes, at that point I needed to
spend $1K to get to that extended expression I heard but was not able to 
to with the RDS8000 and LXP15. So I spent the amount I could spare, at the
time I needed most for an item that was not yet in production again. Not a
single regret. I had to upgrade the OS and get a new f/p and i'm a happy
I also picked up the RPTR (actually two, g/f now has to have what I have) 
a way low price from Alto and they were sent as soon as available and 
I get into it and yep, it does a bunch of things and just about everything
as advertised. but there was a whole upgrade thing and whatnot, but my 
with the RPTR remains, it is a loop based recorder by it's own definition.
Lot's of things loop. Not all things loop on command. The RPTR doesn't. A
lot of computer programs don't. As some fine folks here on the LD have
noticed and found, many puter programs loop on command. Why is this
important? well it is for me, so if anyone has that slant on loops and is
somehow attempting to discern differences betwixt the EDP or RPTR just 
out their respective faceplates.
So owning both - no waver factor here. If I want to loop in real time 
I do) I use the EDP. I haven't found a use yet for the RPTR. So that is
$460?+ that was poorly spent, as I could have just borrowed my g/f's RPTR 
find out I didn't need it. Buy and use what you need is all i'm saying.
Makes the most sense in this new economic climate, brrrr.
best regards, Pedro Felix - NYC 2002