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Re: EDP or REPEATER? Prices

on 1/26/02 12:18 AM, Kim Flint at kflint@loopers-delight.com wrote:

> hmm?
> if "length of feature list" is important, the EDP in fact has far more
> features and loop functions than the Repeater. Our incomplete manual is
> more than twice as long as their incomplete manual. :-)

Here are the "features" I was thinking about on the Repeater:

* Stereo

* Effects loop (which can be switched in position thereby reducing the need
for a mixer, Switchblade, etc.)

* Higher sample rate (which ought to translate into somewhat better audio

* Pitch/Tempo shifting. That doesn't matter as much to me but I've seen
various uses of the Repeater based around playing extensively with pitch

* A nice, solid feel to the knobs and switches (though I guess that gets
balanced against having an external power supply -- a point that surprises
me since the Mo-FX has an internal power supply)

In constrast, the better live looping features of the EDP are harder to
explain except to people who have been working reasonably extensively with