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Re: biz's signal path was Re: Space Station - long, and complicated.

I bought a cheap X-15 for my Repeater and very quickly
HATED it!   Then I bought a version 1.0  DMC ground
control which didnt cut it either.  I sold the DMC and bought
another updated version (2.4) for the same amount of dough
and it is great!    Others report that the Berhinger is working well
for them and its priced pretty well.


Jonathan El-Bizri wrote:ables and the fx sends on my mixer,

> - I've been trying to control the repeater with an ART X-15, but due to 
> repeater's poorly thought out midi response, you have to press each pedal
> twice for every action. Can anyone recomend a good replacement pedal?
> Pressing the repeater's buttons all the time is not working for me. What
> does electrix recomend?