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Re: top tools =?

Hi all,
    Has anyone on the list played with the new digitech gnx3 with the 
and 8 track recorder.  I just ordered one, I couldn't resist!
Any thoughts!


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"Hi, I just joined. I'm interested in knowing if there is a general
concensus on which are the top 1-3 rated looping devices regardless of
price, and also if there are one or two that are considered best bang for
the buck.  (stereo or 2-channel mono is a plus for me)."

best units, in my opinion:

echoplex digital pro (under a grand)
eventide orville (big bucks)
electrix repeater (also under a grand)

more affordable alternatives:

akai headrush (cheap and limited)
boomerang (not as cheap and not as limited)
boss looper (in between, cost-wise)

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