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Re: Key equipment

Was this thread about key pieces for looping or just...?

chapman stick.
carvin stagemate.
erm....and a tuner :)

if I'm not going battery-powered, an alesis wedge is nice.


>>> mcintyre@pa.msu.edu 04/03/02 10:08AM >>>
Greg House wrote:

> -This presents an interesting topic for discussion. What do all of
> consider "key pieces"?

Chroma Polaris as a controller since I can split the keyboard into two
MIDI channels.
Roland TR-808s, master clock as well as drum sounds.
Arp Odysseys and Avatars, triggered by the 808s.
Emu Vintage Keys Plus.
Lexicon Vortexes.
Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay.
Etherwave Theremin.
Mellotron M400.  (for studio only, it won't fit in the car)

John McIntyre
Physics - Astronomy Domine Dept
Michigan State University