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RE: musicality vs. gear quality (was Re: loop mud)

> I have NEVER heard a jam as cohesive as a Phish jam
> (post '94 let's say), at
> an open jam night.  Have you?  If so, where can I go
> to hear such awesome
> jams and interconnectedness from people who have
> JUST met each other that
> night/recently?

they as a group vibe well off of each other, but it is
the individual musicians that make it so good.  i
don't know if you've ever seen any of the members play
with other projects or special guest with anyone, but
they still display the ability to listen and play
based on what they hear.  true, they are so tight
because of the years together, but as individual
musicians, they can walk on stage with an act that
they may have never heard before and still tear it
up...sure, it won't be as mind boggling as seeing them
together, but you still get the point that they are
listening and playing based on what they hear going on
around them.  i often get together with various
friends to have jam sessions and the faces their are
always changing...and at times, you get to play with
new people or people you haven't played with for
months or even years, but still...everyone is
listening and vibing off of the whole as opposed to
trying to run through songs or things that we are
practicing on our own.  it seems that there is an
off-list NY jam getting pulled together (as i've
received a few messages from new yorkers looking to
get together to jam - with or without all the fancy
gear) and i'm sure that it won't be magic for the full
jam session (as few jams sessions are), but i'm also
sure that there will be some magic moments and even a
few solid start to finish improv jams.  its all about
hooking up and connecting...sometimes you can do it
and sometimes you can't but usually what it comes down
to is some people can do it and some people can't...

by the way, without trey's use of the boomerang, i
might have never discovered the wonderful world of looping...

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