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upcoming product release

Hi All!

Pardon the commercial interruption, but here's something of interest for 
owners -

Those of you at Loopstock 2003 saw me give a preview of EDPDA, a Palm
Powered assistant for the EDP.  I'll be releasing the full product in this
coming week.

My website (www.greenteasoftware.com) will have full details, of course,
including a free 30-day trial version and a complete manual.  But in the
meantime, here's some info:

EDPDA has five major functions or modes: 1) Configure/Operate EDP, 2)
Display EDP Status, 3) Preset Librarian, 4) Sample Dump Librarian, and 5)
MIDI PC Mapper.  But in a nutshell, here’s what you can do with EDPDA:

· Operate the Echoplex remotely from your Palm Powered handheld.
· Easily configure and view all local and global preset parameters.
· View all Echoplex parameters simultaneously in a “scoreboard” status
· Save and restore any number of local and global presets on your Palm
Powered handheld. You
can give the presets names of your own choosing.
· Save and restore digital sample dumps of your loops to your handheld.
· Control the Echoplex from a foot pedal that sends only Program Change
· Quickly transfer settings from one Echoplex to another.
· Back up your Echoplex parameter settings and loop samples to your PC or
Macintosh when you
hot-sync your handheld.

EDPDA operates on nearly any Palm Powered handheld, including those
manufactured by Sony and Handspring.  It also requires a MIDI adapter for
your handheld.

Price is $39.

Dennis Leas