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Re: Rise of the machines

On Sunday, July 6, 2003, at 11:18 AM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> * I kept being tempted by an Emu Command Station because of the 
> quality of the sounds on the Planet Earth. My reaction when I played 
> with them at guitar center was fiddly, fiddly, fiddly.

Agreed.  Figuring out the internal signal and effects routing was a bit 
of a bitch, but I think I'm good with it now.  If you're looking for a 
quick to learn box, I'd pass up on the Command Stations.  However, if 
you can spend some time and patience learning these boxes I think the 
payoff is well worth it.

BTW, the demo stuff does NOT well represent this units sounds or 
features.  It's way, way better.  Hearing it at first really turned me 
off, but when I heard Jon El-Bizri play I was like, "hey..."  Glad I 
made the move.

Mark Sottilaro