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RE: Nearly there: EDP Individual loop muting?

> From: Paul Sanders [mailto:paul_sanders@adelphia.net] 

Hi Paul,

Since I have been using the EDP and Repeater together for some time I
thought I should post my take on the Repeater as well. Hope you'll find
something useful.

> it would do what I want. Is there *anything* you can do on 
> the EDP you can't do on the Repeater from what you know? 

Yes. Nothing of this is possible on the Repeater:

With the EDP and LOOP4 (latest OS) you can insert (quantised or not)
slices of audio destructively into the loop. If you run the EDP
quantised to 16ths a quick touch of the insert button will replace one
sixteenth of audio with the audio present at the input. Got that? It's
like having a hardware pHATmatic PRO, but even cooler!

By inserting unquantised you can increase the loop length and even do
this non-rhythmically in small snippets just like a granular process.

You can truncate the loop to make it shorter. Quantised or not

You can proceed seamlessly from recording one instrument to the next
without going out of record mode.

> Is 
> recording different tracks of a loop really seamless or is 
> there some jumping around to be done. 

No. With the Repeater you have go out of recording mode to change the
record enabled track. If you are fast to do this you can go out of
recording mode and change track during the very last beats of the loop
to be able to start recording directly from beat 1 to the new track. But
on the other hand you can just drop in recording wherever in the loop
you happen to be.

The fastest way I have found with a Behringer FCB1010 midi floor
controller is to keep one foot pad for each Repeater track (1-2-3-4). By
pressing a certain foot pad the following things can happen:

1. selecting the corresponding track for recording.
2. bringing one expression pedal to send volume data for that track. 
3. eventually sending pitch data, like transposing down two octaves for
bass lines (I have dedicated one track for bass in this way). 
4. eventually sending panning data for the track. For example you can
dedicate two tracks to be a little panned L/R.

By pressing the FCB record button I'm also sending a command to the
expression pedal (that was assigned to track volume above) to control
feedback (this is because feedback is only happening when in record
mode. On the EDP feedback happens all the time just like with a tape

One problem with the Repeater is that it only has 8 mb RAM. As soon as
you start recording live to the CFC card it starts to react slower. Like
refusing to record with the display reading "tempo too fast". 

One thing you can do on the Repeater the you can not do with the EDP is
to "play" the pitch of a track by plain midi note data. This can be very
cool. Record a vocal phrase singing only on the note "C". Keep it
looping and play the melody on a midi keyboard. Instead of playing a
midi keyboard you can slave a sequencer to octave bounce the track on
16ths, triads or whatever. Similar treatments can be set up for panning.
So you can actually design a dynamically pumping, beat synced
environment to throw any audio at. That is cool.

Best wishes

Per Boysen