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Re: Nearly there: EDP Individual loop muting?

> I honestly thing you'll love the EDP.  That being said, it might not do
> exactly what you want, but like the other person said, with loop copy
> you can kind of simulate it.  do a track of percussion, copy it to
> another location then add rhythm guitar.  Now go back to the first loop
> and it seems like you just took away the guitar.  I worked this way
> when I had an EDP and it was very easy and elegant. (Mine had a serious
> factory defect and had to be returned) Now with that said, I don't have
> an EDP and I use the 4 track Repeater to do this same thing.

I've been reading the Repeater manual online. Sure looks like it would do
I want. Is there *anything* you can do on the EDP you can't do on the
from what you know? Is recording different tracks of a loop really seamless
or is
there some jumping around to be done. LOOKS like it would be easy, just a
of setting record enable, and hitting record, which are all doable via a 
foot controller.

Then I can mute a track whenever I want to and not have to play that copy
game with the EDP. Seems more elegant to me.

Wonder what fault people have found in the Repeater.  Hmmmm.

Well, off to my gig.

Paul "Shitforbrains" Sanders


> > But, laying awake in bed last night I think I figured out how to do
> > this.
> Been there.
> I honestly think you could rethink your setup using some sort of
> groovebox or laptop based device running Live or Reason synced to an
> EDP or a Repeater.  Hell, you could get an old used JamMan too.
> Mark Sottilaro