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Re: Nearly there: EDP Individual loop muting?

> Wonder what fault people have found in the Repeater.
>  Hmmmm.

they have bugs.  the bugs don't really stop you much,
but i have had a few occassions where something
downright odd happens that i can never recreate again.
 they are also no longer made which means that in all
likelihood, the bugs will never be fixed (what ever
happened with that petition to get the OS 1.2 released
to the public to finish?) and the support for them is
hard to get.  but i own two of them and love them
dearly and the bugs don't really get in the way of
what i do with my repeaters...but every now and
then...stereo tracks get selected or something just
plain weird will happen, but it is few and far

that's the only reason why i could see people going
with the EDP.  the repeater seemed a clear choice for
me from the beginning, but the EDP definitely seems to
be more popular.


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