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Re: Programming FCB1010 WAS: Re: MIDI Foot controllers?

--- Paul Sanders <paul_sanders@adelphia.net> wrote:

> I think it's clear already, I just think there's some disconnect between 
> thinking and other's explanation. I actually was able to program a 
>preset to
> send a signal to my SPD-S to turn off the sounds, and I got that 

If you've gotten that far, you've got it. 
> In reality, if I press button 1, it's going to fire off preset 1, which 
> send all messages programmed to be sent for preset 1.
> If I want to have *button 1* send a single CC message, I have to program
> preset 1 to disable all other buttons except for one of the CC buttons
> (switch number 6 or 7 IIRC).

Exactly! You fill in the parts of the data structure that you need, and 
clear out
the rest.

> But, for a little over $100, I guess one can't complain.

That's precisely what I thought too. For the "next up" controller (which 
to have a programming interface that's at least as convoluted as this 
one), I
could buy 2-3 FCB1010s. I can live with it's quirks. It does what I need.

> Does this now sound like I have the right idea?


Now...when you get your Repeater, remember that you have to offset the PC 
in the Repeater's manual by one because the FCB uses a different starting 
(one uses zero, the other uses one, I don't remember which is which right
offhand). It's apparnetly a common thing between MIDI implementations. The
pecular exception seems to be the PC for "Play", I don't know why. CC 
remain the same. 


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