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Re: Loop III and MIDI?

Hi Aasmund,
As far as i know the Ground Control doesn´t work with
the EDP i had one as well and got rid of it
get a Behringer fcb1010 and you will be a lot luckier!

--- Řyvind_Ruud <oeru@online.no> wrote:
> Hi, I'm Aasmund Ruud from Norway. This is my first
> post here at Looper's Delight.
> I'm about to purchase an Echoplex; meanwhile I'm
> borrowing one from a friend of mine. It has Loop III
> ver.5 in it.
> I've seen on this site a Midi implementation spread
> sheet for the Loop IV, and I wonder if the newest
> software differ from the old one in that respect?
> I use a Ground Control which sends CC's to the
> Echoplex that's set to source 36;
> when I use the mentioned spread sheet as a reference
> to assign the Reverse command, I get nothing. 
> Any help would be appreciated


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