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"loop.pool" wrote:

> I think it would be cool to read about everyone's favorite looping
> techniques or tricks.    Anybody with me here?
> Rick

Here is a really simple, musical one to use with the EDP.  I refer to it
as creating random substitue ostinatos, and I got the idea from Andre's

1.  Set the 8ths cycle to 16th notes (or any other appropriate
2.  Set insert to Substitue
3.  Create an empty loop that will be the time of one measure of your
intended song/piece
4.  Hold sustained notes on your instrument diatonic to the key of your
song and randomly tap the insert button.
5.  You will start to hear a very rhythmic diatonic ostinato
6.  Press the parameter button, and then tap the next loop button when
you feel the down beat.  This step will change the startpoint of the
loop to wherever the natural downbeat is.  It's not a necessary step to
this technique, I find it useful to do, especially if I am going to
multiply the inital loop out.
7.  From here the sky's the limit, multiply out and add a bass line or a
chord progression.

Happy looping,