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Re: Stereo-zation


     For the same price as the Line 6 MM-4, you can get a TC Electronic 
Stereo Chorus Flanger.  It
gives you mono in, mono or stereo out.  Chorus, Flanger, and Pitch 
Modulation are the three
selectable FX types.  Personally I'd rather have three killer sounds for 
$175 than 16 wanna-be
sounds for the same amount.

     And yes, I've owned the MM-4 for a year or two.  And no, I'm not 
selling my SCF.


So my question is this:  The EH-16 doesn't have the lo-fi "feature" of 
it's father, but I do notice the monoization of my lush stereo chorused 
sounds.  Again, not a big deal when playing live but in the studio I'm 
thinking I'd like to be able to post process the output of the EH16.  
I'd like it to be small and cheap, if possible.  I'm thinking of one of 
those cheap little Alesis effects that do stereo modulation.  (the 
Alesis FAZE)  Anyone try one of these?

Should I hold out for something like a nanoverb?  Is the Line6 MM-4 
worth it?  Basically I want mono in, stereo out.  Nothing too fancy.

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