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Re: Stereo-zation

Since I think Mark has the DM4, it's probably reasonable to say that if 
you like the DM4, then you will probably like the MM4 for modulation 
effects. It almost certainly is not up the standards of the TC SCF, but 
it covers a broader range of effects and does so reasonably 
competently. So, one of the things you need to ask yourself is how much 
range you need. Do you want a great chorus or do you want several 
pretty good effects.

Finally, if you are putting the EH16 on a table top, you could 
presumably put a Vortex on the same table. Bill Frisell totes an MPX100 
around and uses it without a rack. My SansAmp + Vortex combination is 
tempting me to sell a bunch of stuff except for liking the notion of 
being able to gig with no rack which doesn't really work once you go 
past one rack item.