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Pandora PX4 solution and Special Ops Rig (wasRe: Stereo-zation)

I've got a MPX100 now, and it's a good little cheap processor... but it 
has another function in my studio.  I've decided on a Korg Pandora PX4. 
  While it does not seem as tweakable as a number of other solutions, it 
gives you a bunch of effects at once, which I later realized was 
important.  I really like the ability to add some chorus/phase, reverb 
and maybe some delay.  Most cheap solutions give you 2 effects max.

My dream/goal is to gig out of a single duffel bag and I'm pretty much 
there.  Here's the special ops rig:

Steinberger 6 string into
Vox Tonelab SE into
mixer Effect send out into
EH16DDmk2 into
Korg PX4 (which I hope to velcro to the EH16) into mixer effect return 
(I may skip this stage)
Midi out of EH16 into
E-MU XL-7 which also has audio outs to mixer.

So all in all that's 6 things to deal with including the guitar.  Not 
bad.  If I can get the PX4 velcroed and semi perminately affixed to the 
EH16 it will seem like even less.  My one issue (and there's always an 
issue) is that the XL-7 is a TANK.  Great sequencer/groovebox but it's 
a big steel yellow box.  I thought about maybe a used electribe for 
stage use only... but I don't do a lot of shows.  Probably not enough 
to warrent another purchase.  I kind of like things to have a double 
duty so I can at least use them in the studio when I'm not gigging.

One of the other great things about the EH16 for me, is that now I can 
have someone over and give them their own looper.  I used to do this 
with a vocalist and a second Repeater, but I had mixed results.  I 
think the Repeater was too complex. (damn that girl LOVED to turn on 
the metronome by accident!)

One thing I'm noticing about the EH16DDmk2 is that there is a fidelity 
change.  At first I thought it was just the monoization of my signal, 
but upon more careful listening I can hear a high end loss for sure.  
It's not gritty or grundgy or anything, just a bit duller.  Music gear 
marketing people would call it "warmer."  It's fine in my world for 
this purpose, but going back to my Repeater afterwards was like putting 
on glasses after spending time with blurry vision.


On Jul 4, 2004, at 1:50 AM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> Since I think Mark has the DM4, it's probably reasonable to say that 
> if you like the DM4, then you will probably like the MM4 for 
> modulation effects. It almost certainly is not up the standards of the 
> TC SCF, but it covers a broader range of effects and does so 
> reasonably competently. So, one of the things you need to ask yourself 
> is how much range you need. Do you want a great chorus or do you want 
> several pretty good effects.
> Finally, if you are putting the EH16 on a table top, you could 
> presumably put a Vortex on the same table. Bill Frisell totes an 
> MPX100 around and uses it without a rack. My SansAmp + Vortex 
> combination is tempting me to sell a bunch of stuff except for liking 
> the notion of being able to gig with no rack which doesn't really work 
> once you go past one rack item.
> Mark