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Re: in praise of looping with the Electrix Mo-FX

R.T.B.S  Wrote

Like take the filter factory, the mofx and
the (don't remember the name of the vocoder), taking up a total of six
rack spaces, and I can do what they do (and more) with a one HU nord
modular G2 engine. I understand that it's also caused by the fact that
they have these dual function rackmount-plus-tabletop design, but for
me, it's just not enough processing power for the real estate taken up
by them.

Sure you'll eventually "close mimick" all those Electrix boxes on the G2 
(not Sooo easy though....  ) but you will still need something as big 
a behringer BCR 2000 (300mm X 330 mm) to turn some buttons.
so having followed both ways
1: little special boxes that do 1 thing but do it verywell and have the 
User Interface but they need to be patched, take a lot of space and care.
2. one or 2 all around very expensive rack units that are marketed as 
everything you ask but do it finnally not so well. Those big processors 
often difficult to program and give few instant gratification

Being in the middle of one of these changes (G2 exp rack) I, (for the 
moment ) still regret the sound and magic of my 4pole filter and Vortex 
delay that the G2 should replace somehow........