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RE: Full moon over San Francisco

For thos who need background on Kyma:
http://www.synthtopia.com/news/05_01/Design_Music_In_3d.html  AND

Yes, I wish I could see this concert as well. It would be interesting if
they also showed live video of Malouf using the system as he was
tweaking his sounds.



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From: Michael Peters [mailto:mp@mpeters.de] 
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 2:24 AM
To: Loopers Delight
Subject: Full moon over San Francisco

found this on the Kyma newsletter ... not necessarily looping content,
but it sounds interesting ... for you lucky folks who live near SF ...
I'd love to see this but Germany is too far away ...


Full moon over San Francisco
Fred Malouf is using Kyma to process and supplement the sound of his
guitar in a live performance at CCRMA's annual Digital Music Under the
Stars on Thursday, July 21 2005 from 5 pm to midnight at the Frost
Amphitheater (http://ccrma.stanford.edu/concerts/images/frostEmail.jpg).
Bring a picnic basket and blankets, enjoy an early-evening set of
original and cover bands, watch the sunset, and then explore the
boundaries of live electroacoustic performances under a full moon.  The
Frost Amphitheater is at the Corner of Galvez St. and Campus Drive in
Stanford, CA 94305 (http://livelyarts.stanford.edu/venues/frost.php).
Admission (and the full moon) are FREE.