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Re: AW: in praise of looping with the Electrix Mo-FX

I hear you Rainer, and that is the reason I got rid of
my MO-FX and WarpFactory... however I miss them.  One
of the things I love about all the Electrix gear is
the interface is so thoughtfully done and man are they
designed to be played with... If you've got your hands
full with a guitar, it becomes moot and yes, you can
do all that with other gear.  My MO-FX was replaced by
the significantly more capable Lexicon MPX-1 but there
was a long, long ramp up time before I was comfortable
using the MPX-1, where the MO-FX is something that can
be taken out of the box and used with barely opening
the manual.  Same holds true for the Repeater in most
aspects.  I was looping with it before I read the

In hind site I'd describe the MO-FX as an instrument
or performance orientated effect, where as other boxes
are less adept at such things and must be hooked to
some sort of midi control interface (see: more real
estate) to get the same deal.  So as a guitarest I
choose to put that real estate on the floor.  I think
Electrix was really going for the DJ/Electronic
musician crowd when they designed these little boxes,
not guitarists.


--- Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
<rs@moinlabs.de> wrote:

> I still have the repeater (can't get rid of it it
> seems ;) and also used
> to own a filter factory. What I always hated about
> the Electrix boxes is
> that they take two HU, most of the time for an
> effect I wouldn't even
> donate half a rackspace for.