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RE: means to an end (was "the diatonic-chromatic-noise paradigm")

Title: RE: means to an end (was "the diatonic-chromatic-noise paradigm")

>>With no offense meant, this seems like an incredibly arrogant place to
be coming from in your artistic work(s).  Just to enlarge upon this idea
a bit; would a person who doesn't understand what lenses, type of film
and aperture settings were used and doesn't really care be somehow
disrespectful of the photo and the photographer?  Would they be suspect
in simply enjoying the image and taking some pleasure in viewing it
without investing the time and energy in learning about the origin and
process of that photo?  I know that the process of making music is
endlessly fascinating to those of us on this list, but to ask that any
potential audience you may have be educated and equally interested in
knowing how hard it is to configure the bazillion processors in parallel
(or how long it took to master that scale) so you could make that one
sound is asking a bit much I think.  Disrespectful?  Talking during a
performance might be but not being concerned with the human drama behind
the art?<<

none taken, kevin. an excellent point.... except.... I've never really regarded photography as (ok, arrogant again perhaps) ART /in the same sense/ as musical composition or, say, painting. it's art, alright, but it's still just snapping away until you get a good one, isn't it? :-)

I think if you were to replace photography with painting in y'r analogy, the argument would be weaker.
thus, the photographer is analogous to a recording engineer or maybe producer in that he captures what is already there, albeit from a more interesting angle than you or I could have managed, & with some interesting filters or whatever.

whereas y'r painter has had to start from scratch. ditto y'r composer.

anyway, my interest in this subject is not borne out of wanting more appreciation for the labour that goes into my band's outpourings. not at all. it's because my own perspective is skewed- by being a musician, by being an engineer, by being innately curious about how things work & why.

I am fascinated by, & somewhat envious of, those who can appreciate music without being the slightest bit bothered about how it got there.

my opinions in this area will vary with mileage.



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