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RE: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V06 #899

As for vintage prices the first half of the 20th century saw people whose 
families had worked for generations,finally w/ the means of production in 
their own hands at a time when invention was the hottest commodity.  And 
they had a high degree of pride in craftsmanship.War production 
the assembly lines,(keynesian princiles at work) and the selling point for 
products was novelty-be the first one on your block.Anything that was 
not just incredible musical instruments,but victorian and craftsman 
houses,Incredible ArtDeco pleasure palace theaters etc.)was sharply 
devalued.Anyone coming of age from the 59s through the 70s has a fairly 
distorted view because you could get real treasures from the dump ,the 
market ,attics and basements,for next to nothing ,or even nothing.I was w/ 
someone who bought an early 50s Fender Broadcaster, ( the original name 
a Tele)serial #605,if I recall correctly,for 80 bucks in 1976. I can't 
imagine what it would go for now.   But really some of those very same 
people have helped drive the prices to insane extremes the other 
It's really the rock stars fault.

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