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Re: guitar amps

I've seen the "JazzAmp-10" for $649.00, not sure about the bigger 
model.  While, I wasn't in the market for another amp, when I got a 
chance to try the "JazzAmp-10" recently, I was so impressed that I'm 
presently unloading some stuff so as to finance the purchase.  I 
haven't tried it with my looping pedal board "in line" since I prefer 
to run effects in an effects loop as on the Traynor amp I mentioned.  
Plan on using it for solo/ non looping gigs.  I've talked to Bud 
Henrikson on the phone - turns out he's right here in Evergreen, CO - 
and he's a real nice guy anxious to answer any questions you might 
have. - Paul

On Dec 18, 2006, at 8:58 AM, Betty Widerski wrote:

> Paul - do you know the price(s) of the Jazz Amp? Their web site 
> doesn't say (just "inexpensive"), and the one Harmony Central review 
> doesn't, either.