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Re: guitar amps

Paul - do you know the price(s) of the Jazz Amp? Their web site doesn't say (just "inexpensive"), and the one Harmony Central review doesn't, either.

BTW, hi everyone... I've been silently lurking for a while as my looping activity goes in spurts with long periods of inactivity depending on all my other projects. I've got a Boomerang, RC-20XL, and just got an RC-50, used with various electric fiddles.


At 06:40 AM 12/18/2006, Paul Mimlitsch wrote:

On Dec 17, 2006, at 7:58 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:

I'm with you. I could even run my laptop directly into my Mackie 1x10 speakers...it's mainly convenience and portability. I have a thing about being able to walk into a jazz gig with nothing buy my guitar and a combo amp. :)   It's ver liberating. The more gear I have to setup for a gig like that, the more disgruntled I get over time.  / K

here's a great little amp for a no frills solid state "straight up" jazz amp: << http://www.jazzamp.com/index.asp >>. no bells/ whistles but great eq section and "put the others to shame" jazz tone.

for tubes and lots of ins/ outs (effects loop, xlr out, channel switching etc.) in a small powerful package, I've found the: << 
http://www.traynoramps.com/products.asp?type=1&cat=18&id=251 >> to be real good all around amp.  I followed the lead of most reviews and replaced the stock "Sovtek" tubes with "EuroTubes" for a smoother tone.

Betty Widerski
Electric/Acoustic Improv Violinist