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OT:AW/FS? - Morely Expression Pedals

Hey kids. 
Amongst a batch o' music toys I picked up a while back were 2 Morely pedals (the big chrome old skool kind) that appear to be expression pedals.  There is a foot rocker pedal (like a volume pedal) and 2 momentary switches on each.  There are three 1/4 inch jacks, one for each of the switches and a third for the rocker.  I don't have any gear that this is useable for so I can't tell what they actually do, but I replaced the lamps in each and they seem to power up fine.  Anybody know anything about these?  Anybody interested in one (or both?).
So as not to distract from the amp-talk, please respond off list.  Unless everybody is dying to hear about these relics.