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tube amp and effects routing

Hi gang,
so i am slowly drifitng into pedals and tube amps
again and use my rack less and less but now there is a
routing question for you:
I have a tube amp which has efx loop parallel and in
series conections in the back, and ive ditched my ts-9
and booster pedals to have less boxes on the floor and
a cleaner signal and use the amps own
overdrive,distortion,booster and reverb channels which
sound awesome and uncomparable.But some efx like
delays work better in the loop in combination with the
amps distortion and the others better in front of the
amp.The problem is that i have 4 cables,one for the
amps own switch pedalboard,2 for the efx loop in the
back and one going direct to the amp.This can be a bit
messy,is there another way of doing this using less
thanx in advance

--- samba - <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote:

>   As for rock stars driving prices up,I witnessed
> Pete  Townsends tech 
> having all the dealers and shops in town set up a
> room full of vintage 
> guitars in the hotel ,so they could cherry pick,and 
> he told me they did 
> that in every US city on the tour.Those kind of guys
> have vaults full of the 
> best guitars and are a major factor in driving up
> the prices.That was years 
> ago,but that's how it got rolling.That's biz.
> Point taken about harshness.I have a 70s Ibanez
> semihollow-same one as 
> scofeild,and I like clean buttery sort of tone
> .Still is someone wants some 
> snarl there are millions of stompboxes- a tonebone
> and a polytone and you 
> could get some pretty good fusion tones.
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