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RE: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V06 #900

  As for rock stars driving prices up,I witnessed Pete  Townsends tech 
having all the dealers and shops in town set up a room full of vintage 
guitars in the hotel ,so they could cherry pick,and  he told me they did 
that in every US city on the tour.Those kind of guys have vaults full of 
best guitars and are a major factor in driving up the prices.That was 
ago,but that's how it got rolling.That's biz.
Point taken about harshness.I have a 70s Ibanez semihollow-same one as 
scofeild,and I like clean buttery sort of tone .Still is someone wants 
snarl there are millions of stompboxes- a tonebone and a polytone and you 
could get some pretty good fusion tones.

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